[2021-04-02] In which we continue mapping out a new Objective for Websites & Apps

Hi all! This week’s meeting ended a while ago. We mostly did follow-up from our last meeting and discussed next steps for building out an Objective.

Thanks everyone who participated today, even with it being a holiday! :scream_cat: Full details below:


  • Topics for discussion:
    • Drafting an Objective (see Logic Model HackMD)
    • Documentation updates: What would be most helpful right now?

Meeting action items

  • @jflory7: Initialize Objective proposal wiki page
  • @ramyaparimi: Help kickstart and finish the first draft of Objective wiki page
  • @riecatnor: Open Design Team ticket for Objective Logic Model [done]
  • @riecatnor: Re-open logo ticket for update with new team name [done]
  • @riecatnor: Open Badges ticket to update “Rock the Web!” badge [done]
    • Note, we should request a badge for folks who work on the objective as well once it gets approved :slight_smile: