Status of "front page"

Is there a link to the project alias to a demo site?

The discussion I found:

I’m curious what the status is and
This would might help @likeanushkaa to get some answers to questions of here:

I remember from my activities with websites that a single domain always get a better ranking in search engines as websites created with subdomains.

I checked yesterday about subdomains from fedoraproject and found about 40 different one like docs.fp.o etc. beiside this there are domains like getfedora.o, whatcanidoforfedora.o etc.

Today checking with an other tool i found about 800 !
This where from different users and also links who pointed to AWS etc.

This is so true. I agree :100:

I think we should take a holistic approach and combine all websites together for a seamless flow, after deciding the motive behind each page!

Hi @likeanushkaa you’ll definitely want to sync up with the design team on the new website design. I chatted with you in our Element chat room last week or so and you’d indicated you have access to our penpot website design assets. Please work with us to better understand the bigger picture :slight_smile:


Hi @duffy !
Yes, I have access to penpot, and i went through some designs and thus was having confusion around what the purpose would be of a docs website when information would also be provided on the main fedora website.

I didn’t advance further in the main fedora website, but drifted towards docs again, because I was contributing for outreach, but I’m happy to sync up with the design team for a better perspective! How do you prefer to connect?

Thanks for joining the design team meeting today :slight_smile: I think you’re set now in terms of how to reach us and having a good direction :slight_smile: If you would like to refer to a recording of the meeting for reference, it’ll be posted here:

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Thankyou so much for letting me in! And that recording would be useful:)