Summing Up Fedora Websites & Apps Community Initiative

A couple of weeks ago I sat down on the weekly meeting call with the Fedora Websites & Apps Team to discuss if we would want to continue developing the refreshed websites of other editions and the Fedora Badges system as a part of the Fedora Websites & Apps Community Initiative or if we wanted for them to be added as a future scope of work for the now reformed team and close the community initiative as a success. I also provided the context of the discussions during the Fedora Council meeting video conference in March when I presented the Fedora Websites & Apps Community Survey 2022 results to help folks better understand the Fedora Council’s perspective.

With the refreshed websites for a certain set of editions coming out with the Fedora Linux 38 release and the fact that the redevelopment efforts of Fedora Badges have kicked off, it was decided by the folks that there could not have been a better time than now to culminate the community initiative. The remaining work of refreshing websites for other editions as well as for the Fedora Badges system can be built upon on the shoulders of the successful community initiative that was able to bring people together, establish a set of processes, mentor loads of people and ensure that our websites and applications are well-maintained long after the original creators are unavailable.

I reached out with this same message a couple of weeks before in the Fedora Council chatroom at Fedora Chat but due to the unavailability of a bunch of people and the fact that messages can easily get lost when a bunch of those are sent, I can understand that it was probably not even seen - necessitating me to write this email to ensure that people do know about what next steps I plan on performing to close up the initiative. I plan on writing an article for the Fedora Commblog as well as a presentation for the Fedora Linux 38 release party and for Flock to Fedora 2023 to summarize the community initiative efforts and open up to what the community feels about our progress.

So here’s my question to the Fedora @council - What else can/should I do to ensure that this community initiative crosses the finish line?


From a process standpoint, the Community Blog wrapup post is the only requirement.

To evaluate your done-ness, I’d look at the Outcomes and Outputs you defined. What’s done? What is near-done? What is a total miss (and “why?” as a guide for future Initiatives)?

Does this answer what you’re asking?


@bcotton, yes it does. Thanks!

I am gonna get started with the commblog draft and then create a rundown of all the progress we were able to make so far pitted against the outcomes and outputs planned when we started off with the council objective.

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