Wayland-friendly text editor recommendations, mainly for writing in markdown

I’m looking for a text editor with explicit Wayland support, software created only for X11 can at least at the time suffer from various compatibility issues (crashes, window-related problems) based on my experience.

I mainly use a text editor for creating notes in markdown — syntax-highlighting is essential and default save path (e.g. ~/Documents/syncthing) is quite vital for my personal workflow. In practice a Linux program similar to the Markor on Android, preferably available on the Fedora’s software repo.

I’d prefer not to use any dedicated “markdown editors” at the time (they may not have a comprehensive or any support for other file types, I don’t think I need a dual-panel view) — rather one program for all text files and editing.

I’m pretty happy with marker a markdown-specific editor — it’s GTK 3 and runs as a native Wayland app. I actually use it for a very specific thing: I made a “linja-pona” theme for writing in Toki Pona, for which the dual panel mode is amazing because there’s a font which translates from Latin characters to full-on Toki Pona hieroglyphs, just as a property of the font:

I know you say that this isn’t what you are looking for, but maybe it’ll help someone else. :slight_smile: I looked, and alas there’s no default save path setting, which I think is your real primary unique requirement here.

But there’s another editor you might find interesting. It’s not packaged in Fedora Linux yet, but is on Flathub. It’s called “Norka”, and it saves files automatically and continuously to a sqlite database rather than to flat files. There’s a gconf setting for where this database lives, so you could put that in your synced folder.

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Ghostwriter now has support for Wayland I believe. Also typora is also a much more favoured option.

What markdown language are you searching for?

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I’m still experimenting and learning, no specific preference.

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I highly recommended Typora, works fantastic on Wayland .

The markdown us inline so it formats in the spot, no other markdown editor achieves that. Plus you can export it to man document formats.

Its feature rich. I no longer need an office writer now. :slight_smile:

N.b its closed source I believe however which is unfortunate…

Also nano works decently, for instance I currently read documentation by using:

nano --view --softwrap --atblanks README.md

Editing disabled, soft-wrapping at a whitespace characters. For writing markdown I may move to vim, I prefer CLI software at the time.

Have you tried kate? It is a decent editor and can be enhanced using plugins. I use it for shell scripting.

(I just noticed the post is 2 years old, is the question still valid?)

Yes, but there was some obscurity around the dark theme support from what I recall. Considering how widely pre-installed vim is, learning the program is likely a skill well worth investing in.

is the question still valid

The thread is more of a general discussion topic, not necessarily suited for ‘Ask Fedora’ and could be moved.