A notepad extension?

Hey there! :slight_smile:

I am coming from MacOs and I want to switch to Fedora more and more.

I have one app in MacOS which is called “Unclutter” - and this thing ist the best since sliced bread. I can access it from the top of screen with a simple scroll down - and it has a little notepad in there (beneth files you need often and a clipboard manager). And this little notepad I use all the time to quickly note something, and then reference it quick.

I know that there is no 100% equivalent in the linux world (sadly :wink: ), but a litte notepad that I could access via the extensions bar would be super helpful. Is there anything like that?

I am really excited about my fedora journey. :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

There is a Gnome Clipboard extension.

Linux has many “clipboard” and “notes” tools. If you start with tools available in Fedora packages it is easy and safe to install a few packages, try them, and remove the ones you don’t want. Gnome Software has ratings and reviews for many applications that may help you choose candidates for installation. Many developers of linux tools are receptive to user suggestions for improvements, so if something can be improved it is worth contacting the author. Note that older tools were written for Xorg desktops, but the Fedora default is wayland, which means some older linux apps may not support wayland.

Many MacOS users seldom run terminal. With linux, terminal is often needed to solve issues (many caused by the wide variety of PC hardware with varying levels of vendor support for linux), and the ability to work in text mode is helpful with forum posts. There are small programs in the wl-clipboard package to move text between the clipboard and the command-line. If you have used command-line tools in MacOS you will find only small details are different in linux as both are based on POSIX standards.

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You are totally right - as a Mac user I used the terminal rather seldom. Some “brew” installations. Or some commands to erase “bloat system apps” like Siri. But I installed Linux Mint a while ago on our “private household laptop” as I did not want Windows anymore. And since then I came to use the terminal more often! :slight_smile:

I will try some notes apps. The clipboard manager extension I already found - thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Very handy tool.

And if find something that fits the purpose I will update here.

And thanks for the mention of xorg / wayland. I already found that “snaps” don’t really run well on fedora. You have to open them via terminal. And have that terminal window running.

Because I found “Nimblenote” which reminded me a lot of nvalt. And I love the pure Keyboard notes app approach.

Thanks again for the friendly welcome! I like the spirit of the community here.

Happy week-end!