GUI Clipboard History app?

On Mac I had a great little tool called CopyClip (and later a better one called FlyCut).
I desperately need a way of accessing/saving clipboard history, but in GUI format ideally from a system tray icon or similar for easy access.

Can anyone recommend anything please? I searched in Software and can’t see anything suitable.


Pano is awesome!


Thanks. Not sure that’s what I am looking for, I’ve only ever used text in clipboard (99% of time anyway, 100% as far as history use goes). I looked into it including their video showing it working, which makes no sense to me at all as I can’t see it in the context of my OS and how it behaves inside. Do you use it on Fedora? If so, where do you click to bring up the history?
I see it has a load of KB shortcuts , I am overloaded with those at the moment (learning wise) so really want to be able to use mouse pointer to select historic items from clipboard, can it do that or is it keyboard only?
PS I also dont understand how to install it! I will try to suss that though if it seems suitable. Thanks for the tip either way


It puts this little icon here and I just click it and then a search bar shows up at the bottom with each item being thumbnailed

There’s a search box there so I just type what I am looking for (but I find the thumbnail functionality to almost always help since it visually shows you what’s in the buffer. Then I just type in the search box for what I am looking for. Or you can hit tab and it will cycle through text, images, and links. That one is handy when you know you’re looking for an image (for example).

Clicking on the installation button in that link should install it.

Where is ‘here’?! Is that top right corner up near battery level etc (no idea what that area is called, taskbar?)

If it can pull text clippings i copied earlier, it could do. I would much rather something simpler and text only, a drop down like FlyCut was so easy to understand for little old me :smiley:

Toolbar is the top bar, Taskbar is the bottom bar. Toolbar has links (tabs) to functions/controls. Taskbar is information and links to select/open/minimize running app (task) windows or to close them.

thanks for clarifying that! I won’t add confusion with my extra bottom that shows open apps and workspaces!

I’m a user and big fan of CopyQ. Coming from Windows with one of the best clipboard tools (ClipCache), my expectations were high. ClipCache and its powerful feature set is still far better, but CopyQ is the most advanced clipboard tool I could find on Linux so far.
You can use CopyQ simply as a clipboard history tool. But you can also organize clips in folders for later use. It features a tray menu for quick access. You can configure your own shortcuts for many of its features.
CopyQ works both with X11 and Wayland. For the later you have to set some options as described in the documentation.

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That is not confusion, that is the taskbar for your desktop

I clicked ‘install’ from here: Pano - Clipboard Manager - GNOME Shell Extensions

In ‘Extensions’ app I see an error:

Error: Requiring Gda, version none: Typelib file for namespace ‘Gda’ (any version) not found

Do I need to go to terminal and enter the command below?

sudo dnf install libgda libgda-sqlite