Access Clipboard

Hi guys! Although I have seen some sites, and even a discussion here on the subject, I am still in doubt as to how to access the clipboard content, or what is the best application for this.

  1. In Gnome and KDE, things should work like anywhere else, basically CTRL-C and CTRL-V should do the trick.
  2. In Linux generally, dragging mouse around the text you want to select (the text will be highlighted) will copy that into clipboard automatically and you can then paste it with the middle mouse click.
  3. Some applications, such as GVim, have various fancy ways to handle the clipboard, you should probably refer to some online tutorial if that’s your case.

Are you expecting some kind of “Clipbook”, which can store multiple pages of copied data - so that we can browse the contents, copy then out, remove them, etc?

The easiest way to do is using mouse.

To use keyboard short-cuts
Inside Terminal Apps, normally using “ctrl-alt-c” and “ctrl-alt-v”
Outside Terminal Apps, “ctrl-c” and “ctrl-v” usually works.