Noob looking for dictation software

Hello all,
I am looking for a dictation software recommendation for Fedora Server 39. I have psoriatic arthritis and since I am < than a year in on my Fedora adventure. and would like to know what is recommended or preferred. At times typing is very painful and you like to be able to switch over to voice on my bad days. I am still working through the accessibility feature but I am not sure if it can be added or not.
I am running Fedora Server 39 with KDE/Plasma Desktop
ThreadRipper 2970xv with 128 GB DDR4 and 13 TB of available storage

Any input would be welcome and Thank You in advance,

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Welcome to Fedora @davidtippit

I saw in the software catalogue that there is a Flatpak for Speech Note. I do not know if this what you are looking for.