Screenshot app with editing capacities


I’m looking for an alternative Fedora screenshot app with embedded editing capacities : adding circles, boxes, arrows and texts directly on my screenshots, without having to use GIMP each time I need to edit a screenshot I take with the default “Screenshot” Fedora app.

Do you have some app in mind please ? Thanks.

Shutter could be an option…


I’ve already tested this one. Thank you.

And, good or no good?

A really really good options at least in fedora for 32,33,34 that works under WAYLAND, older releases doesn’t work for some problem:

in main repo:


sudo dnf install flameshot

in update testing:


sudo dnf install flameshot --enablerepo=updates-testing,updates-testing-modular

Hot to Used it

  1. Install → gnome-shell-extension-topicons-plus
  2. Install → gnome-tweaks
  3. Execute → gnome-tweaks
  4. Select TAB → Startup Applications
  5. CLick on + and add flameshot there
  6. You can see flamshot icons on Tray Icon



Shutter does not seem to work under Wayland, or is it just me?

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No, you’re right, I had forgotten about that…

(here is the related “bug” report*): 1299293 – Shutter does not work with Gnome/ Wayland
Someone in the comment suggests as workaround: Take full screen capture (Alt +PrtScr) and open it with shutter for editing.

*it’s a feature, not a bug

Alt-PrtScr is the window snapshot.
Ctl-PrtScr is the full screen snapsot

For annotated screenshots under Wayland, I’m using a combination of the Gnome screenshot tool and the Drawing package (this one). It is in the standard repositories and does great arrows, lines, boxes etc. :smiley:


Great tool indeed. Didn’t know it.

And on Xorg either - at least for me. Flameshot and ksnip work on Xorg for me.