Wake from Suspend on Recent Kernels

I am using Fedora 31 on a Dell Precision 7530 with Intel video. Recently, I noticed that wake from suspend was no longer working on battery (still works if power is connected). I tried suspending while booted from an Ubuntu 18.04 usb stick and that seems to still work so this looks like a kernel issue. Has anyone else noticed a problem?

test your PC, type “systemctl” in console to see where is failing, try to see which daemon are loaded and failed, i had the same problem on fedora 30, if it the case try to load the service with “systemctl restart (gpu daemon)” and if that don’t work, try to enable the rpm fusion nonfree and search your driver for the gpu

an example of my gpu:
loaded active exited
Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:amdgpu_bl0

I have an intel video card so no extra drivers. I did a clean reinstall of F31 and confirmed that wake from suspend on battery works on kernel version 5.3.7 but not on the latest kernel.

Odd that it only fails on battery.