Computer refuses to wake up from suspend, kernel core and driver error?

Hello. My laptop refuses to wake form sleep when I open it, only showing a blank screen. The computer is still on, the keyboard is backlit and you can hear the fans. I’m forced to hold the power button and shut it down. Obviously this isn’t ideal, so I’m here asking for help.

When I boot the computer back up, here is the error reported:

While installing an update I also got this error a few days ago:

I suspect it also has something to do with my drivers too. Previously I had been trying to upgrade my NVIDIA drivers with mixed success. For a while it said NVIDIA kernel missing, but then the error went away, and I have no idea if it properly installed or not. I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX driver and an Intel Core Alder Lake P graphics card.

My computer is a MSI Katana GF66, I’ve had fedora on it for a few months, it was installed right after I got the computer. Computer is brand new.

I’m not super computer savvy, sorry. Any help is appreciated, thank you!