Intermittent Sleep Issues: Displays won't wake


Over the last view months I’ve been experiencing an intermittent issue with suspend. About 1/10-20 suspends, the system will physically wake, but there will be no display and from what I can tell, I am unable to use CTRL+ALT+<F key> to drop to TTY (though I may just not be seeing it). The displays don’t ever behave this way on Windows in testing.

I am not seeing any errors relating to systemd-sleep in journalctl output.

System Info:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Asus B450i (latest BIOS)
RX 580 (amdgpu)
Fedora 33 + Cinnamon (Xorg)
Kernel: 5.10.21-200.fc33.x86_64 ***

NOTE: The issue has been happening for a few months across several kernel versions. I noticed the system hung as described this morning when waking it. Yesterday I ran an upgrade, but I’ve suspended the system several times since the hang this morning and it’s worked fine, so it’s still intermittent.

With upgrades, especially when they contain an upgraded kernel, it is often better to do a reboot rather than a suspend. Packages that were updated while already active may have changes that are not seen and may not be compatible with the version that is already loaded in memory.

I, as a general rule, try to close down all apps running before I let the PC sleep and reopen them when I return. This way, only the kernel stays active and updates to the kernel do not affect the running kernel the same as happens with other apps.

So, the issue continues, and I believe I may have a GPU issue. Yesterday the system hung as described, and after force poweroff the system would have the same behaviour as soon as powered on. After unplugging from power and discharging via power button twice, I was able to boot again. Today I was using the system and it crashed to black screens with the fans still running as before. On reboot the system froze after I entered my password in. I have now got the system booting fine again.

Any commands you’d recommend to better see if there’s any errors?

I also plan to setup SSH from my laptop so if it does so again I can get a better idea of the state of the system.