New Install, Screen blanks out but display won't sleep

I’m not sure if gnome is the right tag but it’s there.
I’ve turned an old Ideapad into a monitor stand with the screen removed and the keyboard disconnected. It’s been running for a few days and I have only a few browsers installed. I have not found any settings in GNOME for quite a few basic changes, but I’m having issues with the display going to sleep.
In power settings, the display is set to blank out in 5 minutes and for the system to never suspend. For whatever reason, when the screen blanks and the system locks, the display is still getting a video signal leaving the monitor powered on with a black screen. I can’t set the system to suspend since for one thing it’s running a samba server, and two I’d have to find a needle to turn the system back on since I removed the power button.

Is that ideapad one with the dual GPU config?
If so then the external monitor is likely running on the discrete GPU and thus is not totally turning off.

I would suggest putting the monitors into a “mirrored” mode, or “single” mode with the external one selected if not already done. Then the screen blank & lock should work for the external monitor. With gnome that is done with settings -> Displays then select single or mirrored and set them as you choose.

Sadly no. It’s a semi-broken Ideapad 330 with only a Ryzen 2700U. The screen was broken So I removed everything except the laptop bottom, disconnected the wireless and battery, and have it as a weird slim factor mini pc. It’s probably an Linux issue since Windows handles it fine, even though both only detect the single monitor

Hi, would you like to show the result of below command on terminal:

$ uname -r

On Fedora 34 default install after some upgrade which include upgrading the kernel some certain version, the wake up from suspend didn’t work.

This problem should be fixed on kernel-5.14.9 on here: kernel-5.14.9-200.fc34.

I’m suggesting if you already comfortable with Fedora 34, you could try Fedora 35 that’s just released.

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