VPN speeds are actually good now days

Been working on last 6 days With NordVPN support to improve connection issues, speeds and especially Fedora issues on nordVPN side and the improvments are just really really good now already not just perfect but im really good/OK already on these.

before auto-connect didin’t work, speeds was terrible maxed 100Mbps up/down, connections kept dropping and freezing, latency and jitter was 2000+ and connecting to servers took 10-15 minutes and when connecting it looped 4 different servers and countries. Now auto-connect works, protocols are correct, speeds are really nice already and more improvements are coming almost daily now on Linux again not just mac/windows machines.

todays results on average daily 20 tests done same server always are nice to see on Linux and etherenet and wifi speeds same on home/office

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My ISP is Viettel and for some reason they block me from using certain sites like XDA Forums, while certain sites experiencing some problems or another (Microsoft is inaccessible due to high demands(?), Pling is very slow…). Weirdly I don’t have any issue with my Mobifone’s 4G network.

So I decided to leave Proton VPN on all the time (I only have the free plan so I can only select the fastest country which is Japan). All the issues are mostly gone now but when I need to download large files I still turn the VPN off.

Same here viettel and Microsoft, google, vercel, three J’s journey and many others including outlook mails so I had backup as nordVPN and now 24/7 on with auto connect and testing things for bordVPN to improve it more. Some reason government and ISP level bans are affecting now on gaming like steam/valve blocked and Sony/playstation sometimes works so everything running on VPN and smartDNS features now on. This is government level blocks that ISP needs to obey

On my phone vibraphone no blocks on the sites at all, but as stated viettel is government provider