Suggestion about vpn protocol and client [selfhosted]

What is the recommendation of vpn
I was looking for a selfhosted vpn in aws(other could be possible) so thinking about 2 openvpn or wireguard what should i go with i want to use it on my phone and my 2linux systems pc and laptop one is on 35 one 36beta.
I want to know which one works flawlessly. If no one knows then i have to try it one.

I doesn’t matter who you go with. If you want to selfhost the system you will have to understand it and maintain it.

I can’t and don’t want to recommend a specific vendor but will link documentation that explains on how to set it up.

I think wireguard is much simpler to setup than openvpn but maybe not all devices speak wireguard (iPhone?).

Are you planning to selfhost this VPN server with Fedora or is this an offtopic thread? Move it elsewhere? Watercooler section of discussion.fp.o?

Yes i will use it on my fedora system so don’t know openvpn or wireguard works best in fedora and i am going to use fedora server either 35 or centos steam 9
But although both are same kind of but i want to know which one is easy and works better on deploying i find 2.
Both are good no doubt but still i asked if you have done that before and faced any issues deploying openvpn or wireguard i can use anyof this if it works on. so i asked for a recommendation.
I don’t want to use debian or ububtu i know they are good but i use fedora system so i know somestuff howbto manage system.

My recommendation is wireguard, as said above, it much simpler to setup.

Thanks that was it.