VPN support for Fedora?

Hi Fedora community,
I am setting up a VPN of a Fedora Workstation. Now , I would like to get some tips from the community regarding these dilemmas: Wireguard or OpenVpn setup using Network Manager ? I am aware the I would need to setup a Kill switch ,Smart protocol ,DNS leak protection additionally.Furthermore, I am not looking for a paid VPN because the risk factor between a free one and a paid one is equal to zero.If the provider has the intention to provide user data they will.Even if they don’t their legal system will force them and even forbid them to pass the info along (i.e.gag order - US ). What are our options when it comes to free VPN provides/ or alternatives to VPN ? Note that I have done my research and I have read through all the transparency reports , privacy policies and legal protection provided by each country.Proton VPN does offer a free tier and it claims to be a privacy preserving team.The issue is I don’t trust their app and the fact users need to create an account in order to use the service defeats the elementary points of privacy.
Now let me know what are your thoughts, suggestions and advice.

for vpn config:
open settings
click network
and in VPN section and click plus

I recommend proton VPN as free serivce

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Fedora is fine, supports all major VPN protocols like IPsec, OpenVPN, Wireguard and more. If you want to setup your own VPN, Wireguard is something to look into because it’s relative simplicity. If you want to hide yourself behind a VPN, realize that you move your security to someone else. Nothing is free, and it can be worse than your own internet provider. I only have a free Proton account to try out VPN, that’s my only expertise. Servers in 3 countries, no guarantees concerning performance. You do not need the app, just download and import OVPN files into NetworkManager. DNS moves to Proton, you can autostart VPN via NetworkManager. But you end up with IPv4 via Proton and IPv6 via your provider. The app takes care of this, without app you have to do it yourself if IPv6 available.

It is always a matter of trust. Proton is not subject to USA jurisdiction. That means no USA intervention. What is the problem someone could know (as you seem to think) you use a Proton VPN?

Yes, I agree and the point is I don’t trust ProtonVPN handling my data.It’s a great project but the trust element isn’t there.Reasons : ProtonMail ; now you will say but ProtonVPN didn’t have anything to do with that. Well with the current setup where users need an account to use the service , it’s obvious there is some fertile ground to collect a bit more than a timestamp if needed. Furthermore, there are these which don’t do them a
favor. But that’s the cost of doing business and popularity.Finally, as you can read here

– Proton VPN Cons

    Inconsistent speeds
    High prices
    Restrictions on servers and features

Take note , that I am only taking into account the free tier as if I want to pay for a premium service I would use IVPN with Fedora. The issue that someone could be facing is that , it could provide a false sense of security , I like to delete my own logs over giving my data over and hoping that the third party won’t keep them.

Ivpn and mulved is good as it support anonymous payment option and mozilla vpn and protonvpn is a good option also. I have tried some with premium subscription i like all it works
I even used nord for 1month but as it was not opensource client i dropped.
And you can use openvpn or wireguard both are good openvpn is more complex and slower and more secure. And wireguard is not insecure some says it is more secure as it have a smaller code base but it is faster then openvpn. use whatever you like.

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