Government banned gaming

It really is happening here steam/valve banned, Sony banned, Xbox banned I have to use VPN services to access and play games and purchase games…

This is continuing from banning Microsoft, google sites and development/developer platforms even Netflix is under the hammer now good job Vietnam


Considering what Steam allows on their store now as “games”, I have some sympathy for the ban.

It’s like a kind of local protectionism.

I didn’t realise I couldn’t access Steam normally until recently.

Seems like just changing the DNS also works as well, but I only have tested going to the Store page on a browser. Let me know if it works on the Steam client as well.

I mainly use LibreDNS to block ADs system-wide.

changing DNS is temporary it might help day or 2 max and then it is blocked again cloudflare could work, but for me it caused more issues on long term so i use now only VPN on everything even changed ISP router to rivate own VPN router and after that havent got any issues…

Little off topic but I got today asked by ISP to turn off my VPN on all devices… So did wife get phone call to turn off the VPN.

Well 6 more months and back to Scandinavia

That’s very weird (and probably scary) for an ISP to tell someone to turn off their VPN.

Best part is they said on phone that VPN affects calls and messages too so turn it off and then your phone and network is back to normal that is totally BS

To be honest, VPN in general (and specifically Proton VPN) only affects my download speed and stability when turning on for a long time. I haven’t had issues with calling yet.

Yeah it doesn’t affect on those calling and message stuff unless phone uses internet to get those then yes VPN is there.

Mostly we haven’t have issues random days full day all VPN connection gets disconnected no IP and when I refreshing connection new IP comes and all good :blush:

I just found it so funny that telling me to get VPN off is solution by ISP and same mobile provider than my ISP other mobile providers have no issues at all

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