Internet speed is too slow on fedora 36

since the last Monday i have an issue with my internet speed but i was think that this problem maybe from my internet provider, but i was wrong cos i contact them and every thing is just fine then i decide to open windows and see what the result with my internet speed and guess what on windows my internet speed was normal around 899 KB/s, so the problem is from fedora cos always i only have 65 KB/s as internet speed and i can’t do any thing.
so if anyone can help me guys cos i have a hard time here and i don’t want to spend even one second on windows and i don’t know what should i do to solve the problem on fedora 36.

Please read this again to see what kind information we do need that we can try to help you:


You might try installing and running iotop to find out if there are any processes running in the background and hogging your bandwidth.

when i remove firefox i have about 400 KB/s as average on xdm, but the rate on brave about 60 KB/s, and about ur solution to install iotop to see the changes on my system yes i did it, so i’m not expert with it but i can confirm that there is nothing weird on my IOs.

correct me if i’m wrong bro !!

Most of what’s there isn’t doing any I/O. Try running iotop -o so that you’ll only see processes that are actually using bandwidth. This may be a dead end, but you won’t know until you check.