VirtualBox VM aborted after installing VirtualBox Extension file

Excuse me. Hello everyone. I want to ask solutions for my problem.
Recently, I install Windows 10 VM in VirtualBox for several necessary. I want to connect my Windows VM with USB drive on host OS (i use Fedora 36). This action need VirtualBox Extension to enable it. I download that file from official VirtualBox website. I install it and extension installed well. But, after extension installed, my VM can’t be access and aborted. I confused to resolve this problem. Do you have opinion or answer for this problem? I attach screenshots to get a point from my explanation. Now, I remove installed extension and VM can access again as before


Thanks for your help. Sorry my English.

It looks like the virtualbox version from rpmfusion is 6.1.34 and virtualbox is at version 6.1.36.You can look on virtualboxes main site to see if you can install the older extension 6.1.34 or wait for rpmfusion to add 6.1.36 to there repo.Those have to match or you will get errors when using virtualbox.

So, this error caused different version between VirtualBox with it extension?

From what you posted yes it looks like the extension version is newer than virtualbox version.You only need the extensions if your using usb 2 or higher.You can wait for the newer version in rpmfusion or download the newest version on virtualboxes main site.Whatever way you choose those file versions need to match.

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Ok, Mister. Thanks for your help. I wih you always God blessings