Valid comments deleted from Fedora Magazine service

Hello. My comments have invariably been viewable in Fedora Magazine a while then have disappeared. May that be the consequence of the effect of Akismet? Misinterpreting the nature of the comments is a damaging behaviour. Having such an imperfect tool serving that service is not an option. Regards.

Can you tell me what comments you are referring to? I am looking now and I see Samba as AD and Domain Controller - Fedora Magazine from today and then a handful from a few years ago. I do not see any that were marked as spam, nor any that are marked as spam or in the Wordpress trash — although I’m not sure how long things are retained there.

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It wasn’t me. I try to be careful to only mark things that are for sure spam as spam. I just use trash/delete for comments that contain offensive language or refer to others in a negative way. And I never go back and delete comments on older articles (unless requested; extremely rare).

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I approved the “Samba as AD…” comment this morning. That is the only comment I’ve seen from “Tigg”.

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If i was a robot i would say from robot to robot, you are a bad robot to that one. But not all of us are yet. All comments sent against the present email were without exception eligible for re trivial . Nevertheless if for a reason unknown to me someone had decided that only the last sent shall be saved, i would not have objection since i am not in position to argue; full power is on your side.

Uh, what? No one is arguing. Or … robots? What?

We really are trying to help you, but have no idea what your complaint is about, and this does the opposite of clearing things up.

“sent against the present email” suggests to me that you are subscribed to Fedora Magazine’s email subscription. I’ve never used that and I don’t know how it works. I didn’t know you could leave comments on Fedora Magazine by replying to those emails. I’ve always used the web interface (

Hello @tigg ,
Welcome to
I can also say like @glb, I never just delete a comment for any magazine article unless it is clearly spam, or goes against the Fedora CoC. It would help if you had specific examples of your missing comments to find out what happened.

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trying to help you”; off-topic. That’s by suggesting Akismet that all started. Suddenly someone choose to not understand. That’ would not be the last to use tat common trick. Be clear so that a proper investigation can lead to improve that service no less.

suggests to me that you are subscribed to Fedora Magazine’s email subscription”; No one asked you to make such a radical misinterpretation.

I do not understand your hostility here. We are not psychic. Gregory is trying to guess your meaning because you are not explaining yourself. If you want help, you will need to be much more clear.

It seems to me that you are suggesting that Akismet is blocking something you have posted or attempted to post. We are telling you that we don’t see any such thing.

I do see that Akismet is set to “Silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it.” Having just looked at some of the spam that has not been discarded, I now feel like I need to bleach my eyeballs and possibly my entire brain, so I do not want to change that setting.

If you want help, please tell us:

  • Exactly what you tried to post,
  • what article you tried to post it to,
  • when this was, and
  • what exactly happened in response.

If you do not want help, I do not understand the point of this topic.

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After all, as we could learn here, there is no such bad service as long as those who like it bad can keep it bad. What a team you are indeed. Keep on deleting if there is nothing wiser for some to do there.

As far as we know, no one has deleted any of your Fedora Magazine comments (nor any posts here or anywhere else). However, your approach in this thread is not constructive. You are making baseless and wild accusations, and not responding to any requests for further information. This is inappropriate.

If you want help, take a different approach. If you have constructive, actionable feedback about something specific, please provide it. If you don’t want those things, please find something else to do. Further hostility towards Fedora Magazine editors (or anyone else) is not okay here.


Been there done that

Am I the only one wondering if the broken English is actually a bit characteristic of a bot? Quick. Someone post some photos he can sort by which ones contain bicycles or not.


All that in English so it would not get any better. That’s how You play game. All that for a trivial message of me, itself as useless as humanity. And though look at the funny proportion it took with You. That’s not any community, like Microsoft, IBM or, who knows. No, that’s something else, that’s Fedora, or Fedora discussion (with a capital D) which is of no importance here. And suddenly it turned into a piece of theatre, and for the better to us, a suitably bad one, such as any that happens everywhere at any time in any community, anywhere in the world and beyond too and dealing with humans. I gave you a mediocre subject, and look how much you already loved it I would not have expected to observe mass behaviour, but after all, the mistake is mine; i too often tend to forget how people are predictable.

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Bye ladies and gentlemen. Hmm, i must be, how would i tell, clumsy, yes, that must be it; i was about to forget, shall You be kind enough and show us – naive readers – a bit of the messages that have been deleted and not brought back, or tell a bit of those people that have been banned – the lucky ones indeed –, so the reader can decide what’s going on there when You decided they don’t fit, and made them public if you have a bit of what we call dignity, so We, at last can know a bit of your hidden activity.

A simple search for “Tigg” shows only approved messages. Nothing is showing as unapproved, trash, or spam. Also, at least some older message – going back to 2017 – appear to still be present. If Akismet is doing something sneaky, I think you’ll have to contact them to get it fixed.

Okay, obfuscated writing aside, that pretty clearly translates to “I am here to waste your time.”

That does not fit with what I asked before: provide constructive, specific, actionable feedback or find something else to do. I’m closing this thread. Please do not continue this kind of time-wasting further. There are other places to play.