Moderating comments

Hey there,

I keep getting emails to moderate comments on my article but I can’t figure out how to do it. None of the links seem to really achieve anything. Am I supposed to be able to moderate comments or am I just getting notifications in error and that is the editors’ role?


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You weren’t set to Author role in WordPress, but I’ve fixed that. You should be good to go. Remember to read our moderation guidelines on the documentation site here: Approving comments :: Fedora Docs

Ah I see! Thanks @pfrields

Hmm, actually it seems that still doesn’t allow me to approve comments. Perhaps that is by design? I see that the “Approving comments” docs you link are under the Editor docs.

Eeek. I’m confused then. That the docs are listed under Editor is unrelated. (I put them there.) The only comment related permission I find in the User Role Editor in WordPress is “moderate comments,” that is on for Authors, and you are in the Author role. You may want to try logging out of the Magazine, closing its browser tab, and clearing cache and cookies for in your browser, just to see if that helps.

Yeah, I gave it a go in a private browser window. This is the response I get if I try to use the approval link directly in from my email:

From the comment page itself, I find myself lacking any clear toggle or button in the UI to try anything other than select all and bulk actions. These bulk actions don’t work either it seems.

Just as a data point I believe I am in the same boat.