Post Merge: Add "WP Discourse" to Fedora Magazine

I just wanted to suggest that after the merger between the Ask and Discussion boards, Fedora Magazine switch to the “WP Discourse” plugin for handling comments. Then all comments for new posts will just be a conversation on the board. I think this will help get newer users who visit FM and want to post comments, to start getting active on the boards.

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That sounds good to me. The only downside I can think of is that it might disable the ability to make anonymous comments. I think people have to have FAS accounts to comment here. Currently, FAS accounts aren’t required to post comments on WP. I don’t know how much of a concern that should be though.

Yeah, I’m in favor.

One reason we hadn’t done this before is that the plugin previously required an unrestricted admin-only API key. That’s been updated and there are granular, specific permissions so I’m not worried about expanding our security envelope.

Another concern beyond anonymous comments is potential increased moderator load — occasionally, comments to magazine articles are hostile or aggressive, and while that’s not fun anywhere, we may need to be more careful about making sure that does not blend into contributor spaces here.

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