Idea: use Discourse comment plugin for Commblog

So, there’s this:

This would replace “native” comments on the blog with an automatic post in a category here. I think this would encourage more interaction and make commblog posts more visible, especially as use of this site ramps up.

What do you think?

My alternate suggestion is to retire the commblog in favor of an “Announcements” category here. This forum already gets far more views per month than the commblog does.

I think the discourse plugin sounds like a great idea.

FWIW, I’d keep the commblog. I think keeping it separate would help it to stand out from the commotion here on discourse and give it more “status” than just some random person’s comment.

I think WordPress, Discourse and Element could work well together as a sort of hierarchical division of communication based on frequency/quality.

  1. WordPress – low frequency, high quality
  2. Discourse – medium frequency, medium quality
  3. Element – high frequency, low quality

The more, the better when it comes to cross linking the above. Ideally they would all work with the same account system. I also think it would be good to have some sort of consistency with the themeing between them.

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Yeah, all of these will work with FAS (and only FAS) so they’re the same account system. And the design team is working on theming. :slight_smile:

I don’t suggest we do this for the magazine, by the way, unless we would point that at Ask Fedora rather than here, and that doesn’t seem quite right.

This is a fine idea (not having the commblog is a less fine idea). I’ll take a look at implementing it when I’m back in the office and caught up on email and any smoldering fires.

Cool. It looks … like it might be easy? Instructions here. When you have a chance we can work together on it and I can set up this side.

We might want to make a bot user to be the default that messages here are posted under. (It can properly map to “real” users, but the usernames need to be configured on a per-user bases on the Wordpress side plus that user will have to have logged in here at least once before.) So we need to decide what we want the default to be.

We might be able to use this on the Magazine topic area too, if we could relate the Discourse sub-topic of the article to the WP article? somehow?

Let’s see how the commblog experiment goes first, and if that works well, yeah, we could explore that. I wonder if having a category on Ask Fedora would make most sense, as that’s primarily user-facing.

But here might work too for some of the more leading-edge topics like Silverblue, CoreOS, and IoT. The plugin looks like it lets you choose a category at article publication time, and it can be made optional, so we could consider doing that just for topics which have an existing category as a first step. But I’m getting ahead of the horse here :slight_smile:

For the magazine I was thinking having a tie back to the discussion topic that created the article (post) and linking the published article there automatically.

similar to what Boing Boing does? That should work nicely.

Yes, exactly. I think that’s actually who they wrote this plugin for in the first place.

So, this idea is now implemented, at least in theory. We’ll have to wait until a new commblog post comes out to see if we’ve done it correctly. Theoretically, those new posts will show up at Community Blog - Fedora Discussion.

We’ve configured it to put the whole posts in topics here, for convenience so people don’t have to bounce back and forth. This is less good for community blog metrics, so there’s a tradeoff. We can revisit this and other config decisions if we want, of course.

And, it works! And I have to say, this has already increased my engagement with community blog posts by 200% 300%. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem to working right (or is weird.) It makes it look like you cant post comments anymore. E.g. my post hasnt gotten any comments, and I’m not sure if thats because nobody really had anything to say, or because theres literally no comment field, just an oddly-styled link to this website. It doesn’t seem very well integrated IMO

It also doesn’t use the article graphic at the least, nevermind ignoring some of the WP formatting :-/

I don’t really understand what benefit this plugin gives us over just syndicating the post from WordPress to here on Discourse? The negative is it discourages comments from the blog. I don’t see the negative to syndicating CommBlog posts here in an automated fashion for additional commentary, but with such poor integration that doesn’t allow for discourse-living comments to be made from the WP front end, I don’t understand the point?

See Fedora program update: 2021-02 – Fedora Community Blog for an example with comments.

I can easily change the link text which can hopefully make things a bit more clear?

For what it’s worth, I see from the wordpress stats that that post got 24 total views in the past week, and the topic here got 33. (I’m not sure if the wordpress one de-duplicates; discourse counts the same user looking twice only once per day.)

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