Better together: Community Blog and Discussion

Originally published at: Better together: Community Blog and Discussion – Fedora Community Blog

Yesterday, taking advantage of the post-New Year enthusiasm of our dear Fedora Project Leader, I enabled a WordPress plugin that connects this blog with the Discourse forum at If everything works correctly, Community Blog posts will start a new thread in the Community Blog category on Discussion. Discussion will function as the comments mechanism for the post instead of the native WordPress comments.

If it doesn’t work correctly, well…let us know. Matthew and I are figuring this out as we go, so it’s possible that not everything was configured correctly. Let’s give it a try and see what happens!

Yay @bcotton! This worked!

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Since you used “I” in this, I kind of think we should turn back on the Wordpress feature which lets you enter your Discourse username (ie FAS name, but the plugin doesn’t know that we happen to be using the same SSO for both) and have the post show up under your ownership.

I’m going to manually change this one from system to @bcotton.

There you go making more work for me. I’ll add that check to the publication review, since most people probably won’t edit their WordPress profile to add it (or may add it incorrectly).

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