When will Discussion and Ask Fedora will merge?

i was curious about when will this merge happen does it have ans and what will happen to the tl of the user from one or other will they retain that in the merged discourse

I am still working out the details, as we just got the contract signed. I’ll post an update here as soon as there is something concrete. (I’m excited for this too.)

Posts and everything from Ask will be available here, and will be associated with the correct accounts. That should include trust level from previous interactions — no one should drop in level and the combination may mean that there will be some increase.

I’ll also be putting out a call for more moderators, for either just specific categories or sitewide.


Update: Discourse staff are working on this on a staging site now, and plan to have it ready to test next week. I, however, will be on vacation at the end of that week, so I’ll verify everything on the 25th. If it’s good to go, we can make it live at that point. If it needs some adjustment, Discourse will work on that while I’m traveling to FOSDEM and the Council hackfest and we’ll launch the week of February 13th.