Interest in Discourse Admin Team

One of the topics that came up at Flock was the idea of transitioning the management of Fedora Discussion from @mattdm to a team. This would move the administration of the forum away from a (very) benevolent dictator situation and free up time and responsibility for Matthew as well.

I’m not sure where this effort currently stands or where it will sit under, but I would like to indicate my interest in being involved. I might just be the biggest fan of Discourse behind Matthew, lol. But also it would be nice to sort this out as well as any policy decisions for how the forum is run.

In the past I’ve seen CommOps, the DEI Team, and moderators mentioned when it comes to how things are run, so maybe people from those teams can serve as a starting point for this discussion?


I would support giving you the admin rights. Though I think it does not fully address the “benevolent dictator” issue.

We might need some brainstorming around the responsibilities attached to Discourse administration.

Just as an example:

  1. there is Discourse support - handling questions from users
  2. Discourse editing - handling setup for Categories, Tags, sections…
  3. moderation
  4. dealing with support requests and bugreports to Discourse devs

Does one need admin rights for all of that? How can we decompose and reduce the need for admin rights as much as possible to make all these responsibilities accessible for wider audience?


I’m not looking for admin rights, really. I’m just putting myself out there as a potential member of the team. Like you, my mind is focused on what a team would do to run the Discourse. I mainly want to be a catalyst for the creation of this team to finally get it off the ground as well as help with any policy decisions that come up. The topic about how to handle new Fedora Neighbors is an example of the area I’d like to help in if it’s needed.

Maybe I don’t need to be part of the team in order to discuss with the team, but I would like a team to get made so that’s why I started the thread, lol.

Also, all your points about what exactly fits under Discourse administration are great. Another perspective to take is what are the responsibilities that Matthew is looking to shed, and what’s the best way to steward those?

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Yeah, this needs to happen. I’ll make it a priority in the new year.

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