Fedora Discourse 2022: Call for moderators!

Hey everyone! As I am hoping the recent site reorganization will help encourage more use and a lot of growth, I’d like to have a few more actively-involved site moderators. If you’re interested in helping out, let me know!

Basic duties are:

  1. Watching for and responding to flags. This is most frequently simply the site’s spam protection warning on something, with I’d say an 80% false-positive rate. There are real spammers though — if you see them, delete the account and file an infrastructure ticket to remove it completely from the account system. This will also include approving posts to the :category_news: News and Announcements category, and, when someone posts a new topic by email [1].
  2. Help keep discussion civil. See Terms of Service - Fedora Discussion. I’d like to make sure we protect this space as one for constructive Fedora-related discussion, and that means using the tools we have at our disposal _even when things aren’t “Code of Conduct violation level”. In fact, being a moderator explicitly does not put you in the position of needing to be a Code of Conduct enforcer — if you see something of that nature, report it at OpenID transaction in progress. Responding to that stuff can get dicey and really stressful and you don’t need to be put through that just if you’re just trying to help.[2]
  3. If you see posts that are mis-tagged[3] or which are mis-categorized, put them in the right place. Also feel free to edit short/cryptic titles to be more useful [4] and also split posts from busy topics where you see tangents developing[5].

Let me know if you’re interested, and / or if you have any questions. Right now, we have room for one more moderator under our hosting plan, or two more if I kick out @jasonbrooks from being an administrator[6]. And if anyone is currently in @moderators but would like to step back (which is totally fine — we all have plenty of other things to do!) to make more room[7], that’s cool too.

  1. see About the New Topics by Email category ↩︎

  2. Also note that as a volunteer if you get into a frustrating situation regarding your good-faith efforts in a heated conversation, the rest of us are here to back you up! ↩︎

  3. or which could use additional tags to reach the right audience! ↩︎

  4. see What are our site norms around editing other people's posts? ↩︎

  5. Site tip: create linked topics for deep dives or tangents ↩︎

  6. which he currently is by virtue of “he is paying the bills through Red Hat OSPO”, but we can work something out ↩︎

  7. maybe the list of responsibilities suddenly looks like a lot? ↩︎

:raised_hand: for moderator :slight_smile:

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Thanks Vipul! You’re in! :classic_smiley:

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