About the New Topics by Email category

fedoraproject+newtopic@discoursemail.com — Discourse’s normal reply-by-email feature makes it relatively easy to participate in discussion without leaving the comfort of your email client.

However, it isn’t perfect for starting new threads, particularly with the tag-based setup we have here (because it can’t create tags by default!). It’s also vulnerable to spam and potential impersonation. [1]. This category acts as a moderation queue — incoming email will land here and then be tagged and vetted by moderators.

Some notes:

  • In the future, we may make a bot to automate this for some cases. But for now, it’s human powered and it may take a little bit for new topics to get reviewed
  • to help prevent spam, you must be at least at site Trust Level 1 to start new threads in this way.

That out of the way, send a message to fedoraproject+newtopic@discoursemail.com to begin!

  1. If that becomes a problem, we may need to shut down the feature, so… please don’t ruin it for others! ↩︎