Upgrade to F35: Gnome Boxes changes VM XML, so VM fails to start

Upgraded to F35 from F34

I’ve had a virtual machine working in Gnome-boxes since F32

After upgrade to F35, and On startup of Gnome-boxes app sets XML for gl enable to “no”

graphics type=“spice”
listen type=“none”
image compression=“off”
gl enable=“no”

This conflicts with
model type=“virtio” heads=“1” primary=“yes”
acceleration accel3d=“yes”
address type=“pci” domain=“0x0000” bus=“0x00” slot=“0x01” function=“0x0”

So the VM ( which is F33) doesn’t start

I can manually edit XML to set

gl enable to “yes” and the VM will start up with virgl enabled

OR I can set acceleration accel3d to “no” and the VM will start up with virgl disabled

When I power the VM down and quit Gnome-boxes. The edited XML that works remains

It only changes on startup of Gnome-boxes

I’m not sure where Gnome-boxes gets the setting for gl enable.

Thanks for any help

I just tried it and also have same experiences. Even though I tried to edit directly to ~/.config/libvirt/qemu/image.xml, it also same. Using virsh edit also not help, and gnome-boxes will overwrite it on start up.

The weird things is on ~/.config/libvirt/qemu/snapshots/ there some files that saved exactly like what I edited from inside gnome-boxes. But when reverting back to this snapshot that contain edited file also end up with gnome-boxes overwrite it again on start up.

Can you give gnome boxes 41.2 a look and see if it corrects your issue?

Looks like it’s only on flat hub currently.

Bug is 3D Acceleration don't show up in Windows 11 Guest (#747) · Issues · GNOME / GNOME Boxes · GitLab

Thansk @oprizal and @grumpey for your feedback. I forgot all about mentioning how it breaks snapshots. hopefully 41.2 fixes things.

I upgraded via dnf today to gnome-boxes-41.3-1.fc35.x86_64

The problem still remains.

Any other thoughts?


Hey, I toggled enable 3D acceleration in “General” and that seemed to sync “enable gl=yes” and acceleration accel3d=“yes”

I think its FIXED!!

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Aw, not fixed…but toggling the Enable Acceleration is easier than editing the XML and saves the creation of a snapshot