F37 Virtualbox 3D acceleration breaks most apps

Fully updated VirtualBox 6.1.40 r154048 install on Windows 10 and Nvidia 970 Graphics Card. Fully updated Fedora 37 Workstation install with a single monitor. Using the VB tools provided with F37.

F37 works fine using the VMSVGA driver if 3D acceleration is NOT turned on. If I turn on 3D acceleration F37 still mostly works but anytime interacting with an app where a dialog box would be displayed, the app greys out but the dialog doesn’t display and the app is not longer usable. The app is obviously still running, it’s just blocking input for the dialog but not showing the dialog.

For example, opening the files app and right clicking on a folder doesn’t display the right click menu. Open the weather app and search for a city and the main app is greyed out but no search dialog shows. Open the clocks app and add a clock and the “Search for a City” dialog doesn’t display and the main app is greyed out.

If I disable 3D, everything works fine but is very slow compared to when 3D is enabled.

Are you using wayland or xorg when using Fedora.Also the latest version of virtualbox is 7.04 so you might try updating virtualbox.

Thanks, upgrading to VirtualBox 7.0.4 fixed my issue. I guess the “Check for Updates” inside VB isn’t yet reporting V7 is out and I didn’t go to the website to see it.

One final question, I’m now getting a notice that I am running VirtualBox GuestAdditon 6.1.40 and I should upgrade to 7.0.4. The 6.1.40 version is the one that comes with F37. Should I upgrade or leave it alone? Everything seems to be working fine but I am game to try in case someone comes along after me and is curious. If I have to reinstall F37 because it dies it’s not a huge hassle at the point I’m at.

Just for the record according to Settings->About I’m running Wayland.

I maybe wrong but as long as you keep Fedora updated it should update to 7.04 inside virtualbox.It’s good that wayland is working for you as I have stuck with xorg.My setup is pretty much backward from yours I’m running Win11 and win10 inside virtualbox.