Gnome boxes no 3D acceleration in fed 32


Since reinstalling the nvidia drivers through the script available on this forum, the gnome-boxe doesn’t show anything beside a Grey screen.
The preview image does show that the vm is starting though.

If I deactivate 3D acceleration then everything goes back to normal.

Another symptom is that I can’t reactivate the screen of the VM when it goes to blank. I deactivate everything I could about the Screensaver etc but it still goes to blank after some time.
This is happening with fedora 31 guest and 32 on fed 32 host.
Any idea what I could have missed in my host?
Thanks in advance

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In the last update from today of qemu, 2:4.2.1-1 at least the wake up display call is working again so the blank screen isn’t stucked anymore

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This issue happened to me again today. Is there a workaround?

Make sure your packages are updated to the latest version.
Note that some changes require service restart or system reboot to apply properly.


My packages are always updated to the latest. And no this is still not working and I still have this kind of screen

So clearly not ideal as you can see

So I don’t know if it s related to the nvidia script of toxic which only installed everything from rpmfusion for nvidia and cuda but the 3D acceleration is just not working.
Or maybe it’s because of the transition to fedora32 and the maintainers have implemented something incompatible and forgot about modify the existing xml

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did anyone had succeeded to contact the dev? because he isn’t answering on his gitlab anymore and from the gitlab there was quite a few people having this problem, I’m wondering if it will be the same under fedora 34