Updates to Fedora 38


I recently did a fresh install of Fedora 38 KDE.

  1. I am getting software update notifications for the below. If I am running KDE, do I need to update Gnome libs? If it is because of an app or two, is there a way to determine which apps depend on Gnome?

I am not sure why I am also getting the same update recommendations twice.

Freedesktop Platform
Freedesktop SDK
Gnome Application Platform version 43
Mesa Extra

  1. some services take lots of ram when logging into my box. For example, calendar reminders take up to 500 megs, and I don’t even use this app. Can that be deleted or set to a manual turn-on?

Your list there does not show repeated apps or runtimes to be updated.

If this is a fresh install then you really should do the recommended updates then see if the notices are still happening. There have been many updates since F38 was first released.
I recommend using the command line then doing sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

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This is not a fresh install. I installed a new copy from the website a few weeks ago and had to do another 4.1 gig update.

My question is, are these updates typical if I am running KDE?

Updates are typical regardless of the spin used. Many (probably most) packages are independent of the DE in use so what happens on one usually also happens on the others as well.

I have the workstation installed on one of my VMs and after it sat unused for a couple weeks the update contained over 300 packages, including the kernel. My main workstation had a single upgrade of 180 packages with only 7 days between the last updates when I updated it today.

Those platform updates are Flatpak runtimes. They won’t show up in dnf.

flatpak list --runtime

You can see which Flatpak apps depend on GNOME platform:

flatpak list --app-runtime=org.gnome.Platform

In general, you can expect Fedora to have many updates, as it aims to be leading edge. Depending on what you use, you could have some package updates every day when the repos are updated.

The actual frequency depends on upstream (whoever makes the software). If upstream releases new versions at a fast pace, then ideally Fedora packages will follow (within the same major version).

When you have updates available, you should install all of them. Partial updates (selectively updating some packages) are not supported.

It seems that there are parts of both gnome and kde that use some of the same packages. One cannot rely solely on the name to verify if it is needed or not. In general, if one installs the kde spin then anything with gnome in the name may be considered as necessary for kde.