Where is The Software App in Fedora 38

Every time I do a Clean Install of Fedora 38 or 39 beta 1.1 , The Software App is Nowhere to be Found.
I have to Install it by running this in the terminal ( sudo dnf install gnome-software ).
Any help would be appreciated

Are you using the live ISO to make the install? Which Architecture are you using ? x86_64 ?

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Which fedora spin are you using?
If it is not Workstation or another that installs gnome then your dilemma is normal. Only the spins that run the gnome desktop would be expected to install that package by default. Others use their own software management app.

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I am using fedora 38 cinnamon spin

Forgot to mention, 64bit, and installed from Live ISO

…How often do you do that, out of curiosity!?

Also another Puzzling thing , straight after install, I click on the icon to Update the system.
After it reaches 100% it justs sits there and you can’t click on anything else
It just freezes , i can’t complete the udate and do a normal reeboot.
I have to press Reset or turn off the power.
Sometimes that ends up Corrupting everything.

What may seem a freeze is often NOT a freeze.
It usually takes some time to complete all the configs necessary for the upgrade and I have had systems set for several minutes while they appeared frozen but after waiting patiently for several minutes the upgrade completes and the system is ready to reboot with the upgraded software.

YMMV but even waiting as much as half an hour is usually better than causing system corruption by interrupting the upgrade before it completes. Plan time where the system can be idle for whatever time may be required before starting an upgrade. I usually step away to do something else while a large update is being done.

After the progress bar reaches 100% the system still must do the configuration of the boot loader, the initramfs image, and more before the upgrade is fully completed.

What I do understand is, that for Cinnamon it uses dnfdragora if not mistaken.

I am not so sure if it is a good idea to install the gnome-software to maintain the Cinnamon spin.
Take in consideration using dnf in the terminal or the dnfdragora as a frontend.

Before playing around with gnome-software, please use dnf or dnfdragora to see if this still happens.

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