GNOME Software's Automatic Updates don't work

GNOME Software’s Automatic Updates don’t work on Fedora 38 GNOME 44

How does the not working manifest? Does it offer updates to install, but the installation fails? Does it not offer updates at all even though two weeks have passed since the last update?

Updates are searched for and found, but not dowloaded and installed.

Automatic updates are only performed for Flatpaks, I believe. RPM updates will be installed after a reboot (a checkbox will appear on the system shutdown dialog from time to time).

In fact I was referring to RPM packages. I was hoping that at least they would download automatically and then on reboot they would install. But that’s not the case, you have to download them manually.

Update download failure is reported and tracked in GNOME Software upstream repo.

You can try dnf-automatic in terminal. Please check this documentation for reference.

I know it doesn’t help saying ‘it works on my computer’, but i just checked my GNOME desktop, where download and update went smoothly. I’m saying I fail to reproduce the issue.

Screenshot: downloaded and preview for update

I’m afraid I wasn’t clear. I can easily do updates via GNOME Software. I’m just saying that these are not downloaded automatically, only manually. Also GNOME Software seems to lack a notification feature for when new updates are found in the background.

You’re saying the issue persists even if you turned on automatic update option on the hamburger menu on top right?


It is worth checking the thread about GNOME Software.

Run pkcon refresh force in terminal to refresh the package metadata.

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