Unable to update org.fedoraproject.Platform

I am unable to update org.fedoraproject.Platform during the day. I got several errors, first there was 503 error, and now I always experience Error: Connection terminated unexpectedly.

Hello @latesil,
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Have you tried to freshen up your repo metadata on rpm-ostree? Use rpm-ostree cleanup -m to make sure the repo data is up to date. Then issue an rpm-ostree update command to make sure the commit is up to date. Finally, sudo flatpak repair should catch and fix any flatpak issues for you. Let me know if that helps.

Hi @latesil,
It might be because the Fedora server for the container registry is having troubles lately. I’ve seen some similar issues testing podman and toolbox, the server (sometimes) fails with 503 errors or similar.

I was checking and it’s the same registry/server for org.fedoraproject.Platform than fedora-toolbox:
So, it can be it.

If the solutions that @jakfrost gives you doesn’t work, try to update later. If the server issue, it will fix by itself. Probably the server was too busy.

BTW, @jakfrost, thanks for the sudo flatpak repair tip, I didn’t know it and it can be very handy :smile: