TUTA Email App on Asahi?

Hi All…

As I am still trying to get Proton Mail to run on my MBP + Asahi, I wondered if the Linux App for Tuta works on Asahi… ?


Try it? It needs to have an ARM version.

They supply Appimages which is extremely bad (not sandboxed, no app entry in the launcher, no repository and thus no verification, its just bad)

You may want to ask them for a Flatpak and an aarch64 binary for Linux. At least the aarch64 binary is not that much work for them I think

I dont know if its official (not verified) but there is a Flatpak

Hi BS… thanks for your reply. Wow, doesn’t sound too good :slight_smile: And yes, I did actually try it :slight_smile: Downloaded the file, ran it, and nothing happened :slight_smile: I obviously still have a lot of Linux learning to do.

I may try the flatpak version though not sure it sounds that promising. No disrespect to anywhere here, but what the heck are people using for email… if Proton and Tuta don’t really have apps that work, and other than Thunderbird [looks like 1990] there doesn’t seem to be any serious email contenders.

I may just keep using Proton via browser, though it’s not very user friendly [at least for me] as far as work-flow goes… but no matter what, I am staying with Asahi and done with macOS and their spying, eco-walled garden… bye Timmy.

Between Asahi and my Graphene OS Pixel, I feel like I have finally left most of that world behind me now, for which I am grateful.


I suppose the flatpak is just the repackaged Appimage. So it is about “what architecture did tuta compile their app for”? Please annoy them to compile it for aarch64 too, as that is the only problem here.

I am not a fan of any of those though tbh. They are overcomplicated if you are used to regular mail with PGP etc. They have their own standards with possibly encrypted mail at rest etc, but as the mail server they have access to your unencrypted mails, thats how it works.

So its just overcomplicated nonstandard stuff.

Did you use TB lately? It got a major overhaul, called “Supernova”. Still not perfect (the sidepanel is completely useless currently) but waay better, also the underlying code got cleaned up.

Thunderbird is great, use their Flatpak.

But I dont know which apps have aarch64 support really, many will only be x86_64 which is a problem. In that case you may want to use Thunderbird from their binary (a tar archive with an install script) or from Fedora repos.