Missing aarch64 flatpaks

Hi, one big drawback for me is the lack of aarch64 compatible flatpaks like spotify, wine and brave browser etc. Does anyone have any ideas if these will be available anytime soon?

Thank you!

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You have to talk to those projects, we don’t control what platforms they support. Stuff like Spotify depends on DRM blobs that aren’t available for standard aarch64-linux, so it’s a whole fight with vendors we can do very little about here. Please lobby them for aarch64 support. We’ll do what we can to make this stuff more accessible, but ultimately it is their responsibility to support the platform, not ours. If nobody asks them for aarch64 support, they will never offer it.

Flatpaks in general are not well supported on Asahi anyway right now (no GPU acceleration), but we have a solution to that, it just needs to be packaged. It will probably be available when Fedora Asahi is GA, or soon thereafter.

Wine is a whole story on its own and we have plans for it, but it will take time.

Honestly though, as far as browsers are concerned, you’re better off using stuff properly packaged for Fedora like Firefox or Chromium. There are easy alternatives available there, so there’s no real reason to waste time with browsers that don’t officially support aarch64, in my opinion. You wouldn’t want to run a browser in emulation anyway.


Btw flathub has verification now. No Chromium Browser is official, because all rely on Zypak.

If they are proprietary, only official apps will be able to change. But I am wondering how running Flatpaks through an x86 emulator could work.