Non-compatible architecture (I think)

Very new in here, and just finished installing asahi-fedora-remix, f39, and Plasma instead of gnome.

Hector, Neal, I’m wondering if there’s anything upcoming concerning Mullvad software (its VPN and browser), as these are apparently, a no-go with, e.g.: package mullvad-vpn-2023.5-1.x86_64 from @commandline does not have a compatible architecture.

This is a Mac Mini M1 2020. I had it flying through the spring and summer with the Arch Asahi. Was sad to see no help ever came to you guys from them. Trying to make the switch to a new world now, but I was always in Mullvad’s VPN and often its new browser … so it’s a bummer to see its a no-go.

Any way on the planet maybe to get Mullvad stuff stuffed in ?

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You will need to ask Mullvad to start building for Fedora for x86_64 and AArch64 and update their repositories accordingly.

RPM is here: (or beta at

The repositories also have aarch64 builds, see Install Mullvad app on Linux | Mullvad VPN

The browser is indeed not available on aarch64, because Tor Browser does not have official builds for aarch64. (Some unofficial ones can be found at Tor Browser Ports download | )

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Thank you Neal

Thank you Samut … wow!

No time right now but I will check your most helpful info out very soon.

Much appreciated!