Mail client Evolution does not show the content of a mail

I am using Evolution with F35, Gnome 41.6 and Wayland. In the past it occasionally happened that Evolution did not show the content of a mail when I open it in a separate window. Sometimes I had to give it several tries until the content is displayed. This symptom is now getting more worse, so most of the mail can not be read when opening them in s separate window. Curious enough: the mail preview window displays the content of a mail (so I can assure that the mail is not empty) and also opening a mail with option ‘reply’ or ‘forward’ displays the content at the first try. But selecting a mail and pressing ‘enter’ or double-clicking a mail or ‘Ctrl+O’ results in opening a new window and displaying an empty mail.

Any hint? Is there some kind of cache in Evolution that is worth to clear?

Thank you in advance

I don’t have a solution for you, but I share your frustration. I’ve been away from Silverblue for a while, but I’m planning to install it on a new X1 Nano that’s arriving this week. One of the things that frustrated me about Silverblue was the lack of a really good email client. Best solution was Thunderbird with the Exchange plugin (that you pay for) but its hardly ideal. I am hoping Microsoft makes their Outlook PWA available for Linux very soon.

Two quick questions: Did you install the flatpak or rpm version and did you try installing the other one; i.e., if you installed the flatpak, have you tried installing the rpm one?

I installed the rpms:

Installed Packages
evolution.x86_64                                                                                                               3.42.4-2.fc35                                                                                          @updates
evolution-data-server.x86_64                                                                                                   3.42.5-2.fc35                                                                                          @updates
evolution-data-server-langpacks.noarch                                                                                         3.42.5-2.fc35                                                                                          @updates
evolution-langpacks.noarch                                                                                                     3.42.4-2.fc35                                                                                          @updates

Where would I get the flatpak from? I am not familiar with flatpaks…

Thank you

I just detectd the flatpak site Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

Seems that flatpak is already available in version 3.44.2 whereas the rpms are 3.42 … seems to be worth to give the flatpak a try.

I’d agree. In my experience, flatpaks can be a little finicky—purposefully, mind you, because they are “more” sandboxed—when it comes to permissions, so also installing flatseal isn’t a bad idea.

For what it’s worth, I’ve installed the rpm and am on 3.44.2.

What is Flatseal?

I think of it as a Swiss Army knife for flatpak permissions; e.g., if you need Slack to have access to /tmp but not Microsoft Teams, flatseal provide a gui to do so in a very straightforward manner.

In between I upgraded to F36 and install evolution 3.44.2 rpm, because I was not able to get flatpak 3.44.2 . Seems to be a mixup on flathub, they ‘offer’ 3.44.2 but deliver 3.42.4.
Anyway: rpm 3.44.2 now works fine for me.