Trouble Scrolling in Virtual Terminal: Seeking Help

If I access the virtual terminal with CTRL+ALT+F2 (or F3, F4, etc.), I can’t scroll up or down to see the output of the terminal. How do I scroll up and down using the keyboard?
I’ve tried PgUp, PgDn, CTRL+PgUp, CTRL+PgDn, Shift + Page Up, Shift + Up Arrow, and even the mouse wheel (as a last resort). None of these methods are working.
Any clues? Can it be done?

Those terminals are a literal terminal and act just like the original terminals that had no ability to scroll text.

Only the terminal emulators that are actually a gui window have that ability AFAIK.

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Wow. Amazing response time @computersavvy
I see. At that level I guess I am left with “screen” only. Never had to use it before. Thanks for taking the time.

The virtual terminals used to be scrollable, but it was removed from the kernel some years ago.

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I had read about that and thought I misunderstood it. That’s an interesting deciosion, do you , by chance know why it was removed? -Just curios (Asking for a friend :lying_face:).

You are expected to use software pagers like less or more explicitly over pipe or with command options, or implicitly with specific environment variables like journalctl does.

Linux 5.9 Dropping Soft Scrollback Support From FB + VGA Console Code - Phoronix

Hu. Makes sense. Thanks.

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