Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down leaves garbage in terminal


I am experiencing an inconvenience that I had not experienced before upgrading to Fedora 31, or at least so I think.
Switching desktops with Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down while the focus is on a Terminal window sometimes puts A and B characters into the terminal (as well as ringing the terminal bell), the same as if only Alt+Up/Down were pressed.
Has anyone experienced this, or am I being clumsy?

Include some more info: what terminal emulators do you use? Did you check the keyboard shortcuts and were these shortcuts active? If the shortcuts are not assigned in settings / devices / keyboard shortcuts, the terminal will interpret them as characters.

For me the keyboard shortcut for moving to a different desktop is super+pageup and ctrl-alt-arrow combo’s are not assigned.

Hope this helps.

I think these sequences of key-presses send control-character sequences to the terminal or something. I don’t know much of how computers work, but if you’ve ever worked with a computer that broke during shut-down or boot-up, you’ll notice that certain key-presses send weird sequences of characters to the screen display. Terminals are sometimes made to be backward compatible with these old-timey standards.

TL;DR: IDK what exactly is going on, probably ANSI escape codes AKA Linux console escape and control sequences. It probably won’t be “fixed” because it’s not broken.

I think you are hitting Ctril-↑ and Ctrl-↑ to make output like [1;5B[1;5A[1;5A[1;5B[1;5A[1;5B[1;5A[1;5B[1;5A[1;[1;5A5B[1;5A[1;5B[1;5A[1;5A[1;5B[1;5A[1;5B
on accident

Oh my, I realize I never added more information to this thread.

I cannot remember the last time I experienced this. As of Fedora 33, I am not having any problem…

Thank you everyone for chipping in!