Problems with remote terminal in ssh

I have a number of problems using ssh. It is necessary because my little domain has four linux machines (all now running Fedora 30) and one Windows 10 machine (which runs Cygwin).

The first problem I will mention is that Control-key combinations do not function. I can use Control-c Control-d, Control-z, and any other control key combination you may imagine, but they have no effect. The “c”, “d” or"z" or any other letter gets through but I am out of my element when I use, for example, emacs, with its well-known Control-x prefixes to functions and Alt-x (called “Meta-x”) as a command prefix.

This seems to be a universal problem and I wonder f anyone who has run into the same problem has found a work-around for it. In emacs, I am reduced to using the Menu-bar commands, but that is only a subset of emacs’ rich control and meta key commands.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope to hear from someone about it soon.



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What ssh client are you using?

I ssh into machines all the time using the standard openssh client in a terminal here (ssh ...). The ctrl keys and so on all go through just fine. Can you please test with a live image and see if the issue persists? I suggest this because I see you’ve been modifying your ~/.inputrc file which could affect these keystrokes

Can you give us more detailed information?

  • Which terminal do you use?
  • Does the terminal configuration deviate from the defaults? For example, have you changed the compatibility configs in Gnome Terminal in case you use that?
  • Do you have any configuration of the SSH client or server which are non-default?
  • Any configuration of the shell environment on either side which is non-standard? Like inputrc, bashrc or whatever shell you use?

If you have changed nothing on the server side I recommend to create a new, vanilla user on the client side and try to reproduce the problem. If the problem cannot be reproduced that way it is likely that it is due to non-standard configuration on your side.

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