How to navigate within tty terminal?

Hi. I’m on Fedora 32 X64 bit Cinnamon edition.

On my system, I discovered only the following key combinations:

  1. Shift + PgUp: this will move one page up.
    BUT limited only to 4 up pages then will not work beyond !!
  2. Shift + PgDn: this will move one page down.
    BUT AGAIN down to 4 page NOT more !

I like to move up & down line by line not page by page. Also, I like to move page by page beyond 4 pages limit. How can I achieve this ? I tried (Shift+Fn), (Shift+Ctrl) combination with PgUp/PgDn & with arrow up/arrow down but not working ! They led me to previous commands …

On my GUI terminal emulator, there are nice key combination to navigate line by line up/down which are:
Shift+Ctrl then up arrow: for upward navigation by one line
Shift+Ctrl then down arrow: for downward navigation by one line
but both of them not working with tty terminal.

Any help is appreciated …

cmd | less
cmd | more
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