Keyshortcuts for GNOME Files 40/41

Where can I find the keybindings for GNOME Files 40?

I want to switch between tabs using my keyboard.

I found this guide, but CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down does not work

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I’m no longer on 40, I’m on 41 now with Fedora 35, and ctrl + pgup/down do work for me here.

What do the in-built shortcut help say? (Click on the burger menu in the top right > key board shortcuts)?

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i didn’t know that help page. It is very very helpful.

It says that Ctrl+PageUp should work:

Yeh, I guess it’s possible that something else is using the shortcut. You can check settings > keyboard > shortcuts there.

Also worth creating a new user to see if the issue persists. If it works in the new user, it’s just some config in this one that needs correcting.

I have switched to Fedora 35 and now CTRL+PageUp behaves like PageUp, by scrolling the list.

There seems to be nothing else taking the shortcut:


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Is this a fresh install or did you upgrade? If you upgraded, did you create a new user to check if the issue persists?

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It’s an upgrade.

It does NOT work even in the new user

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It doesn’t happen to be this does it?

No it’s not on Right Click → Properties