How to scrol in terminal alias screen?

I know I used to be able to scroll in the terminal window with SHFT+PgUp, SHFT+PgDn, but now it’s not working. I’ve tried also CTRL + SHFT + PgUp/PgDn/Up/Dn .

I’ve noticed that Linus dropped support for it in Kernel 5.19. and somebody mentioned to use screen, which I always do, but I didn’t see any option to scroll in the screen

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It is in the screen manpage:

   C-a [,             (copy)            Enter copy/scrollback mode.
   C-a C-[,
   C-a esc

I use C-a plus Esc key since it is easier to type.

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Thanks, I see C-a [ gets in this copy/scrollback mode. Then I can go up/down with arrow keys or PgUp/PgDn can even select text with enter on each side, just can’t seem to figure out how to paste it.
C-a ESC is even easier to remember, that works great.

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