Tracking issues and fixes in related projects

I hoped I could run kubernetes clusters for testing on my Asahi Linux MacBook but we are not there yet.

Sharing few issues and fixes I posted to related projects. Feel free to review if you are interested in these projects.

I think they are not Ashai or Fedora specific issues, but with Ashai Linux we have an easy way to get a powerful Linux Arm machine so people are likely to hit these issues.

Do we have a better way to track these issues? Maybe in Asahi wiki?


With these changes I could create a complex multi-clsuter environment with rook-ceph storage and rbd-mirroring, so minikube seems to be fine on Ashai Linux.


With this we can deploy submariner but it does not work yet due to problem with the vxlan cable driver. No issue opened yet.


Hopefully this just a build issue, they don’t build multi-arch images for some projects.

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If it helps, I use K3s locally on Fedora Asahi Remix for testing my work and it works flawlessly.

Replying so I can follow.

Personally got on well with running k8s components under systemd, but it does limit my cluster size/topologies and i sometimes had to turn wayland and friends off to free some memory . This was fc39 pre-release, without docker.