Kubernetes without moby-engine?

I’m using podman and buildah exclusively rather than docker these days and thought I’d go ahead and uninstall docker (aliased to moby-engine) on my system. However, when I do that, the system wants to also uninstall kubernetes-kubeadm, kubernetes-master and kubernetes-node, which I’d like to keep. Is this a real dependency or just an artifact of how the tools are built?

I am going to assume you are doing this from a desktop, where I use minikube for this:

I had some issues figuring how to get minikube to run on Fedora 31/32 (since docker out of the box uses cgroup v1 and 31+ uses cgroupv2) I came across this ticket. Which points at some point to something about an underlying systemd bug that prevents podman to be used as the kubernetes driver.

Your best bet, or at least what I ended up doing, is to minikube with the kvm driver. Which after going through the download and install steps you can call

minikube start --driver=kvm2

to start a cluster with kvm (you need to install kvm but I think it comes with default installation of boxes)


I can’t see any dependancies from the docker-ce package that would cause this issues (rpm -q --requires docker-ce)

Where did you get the docker package from?

The option you do have is to remove docker ignoring depandancies:
rpm -e --nodeps docker

Thats a bit of a sledgehammer, so use with care.

Thanks, I’ll look into this.

The docker package came from the fedora repository. I have also found that if I go ahead and remove it (and allow it to remove kubernetes-kubeadm and associated) and then try to just install kubernetes-kubeadm package, it wants to re-install moby-engine as a dependency.