Docker on Fedora


I want to use docker for my web application on Fedora 30. I couldn’t find any viable information about wheter to use docker from Fedora repo or download docker ce, as stated on Docker website.

What is the difference between the two? I’ve found some information from about a year ago that the one from the Fedora repo hasn’t been updated in a while, but I don’t know if that’s still the case.

Thanks in advance

Check out moby-engine in the fedora repo. The docker package is quite old, while docker-ce from Docker consistently takes a while (weeks/months) to issue a stable release for new fedora releases.

Thank you very much for you reply. I will try it out, but I think I need docker for my project, so I will probably try Docker CE, just to see how it works.

All three options install docker. They’re just different maintainers and versions.

Hello. I generally hate when someone asks for information about a software (you) and someone else (in this case me) answers by advising the use of another software :slight_smile:
But have a look to podman: a daemonless and rootless pod manager. And it is very well supported by Fedora people.
I’m not a containers expert, btw the syntax is the same as docker and it can use docker containers.


Maybe I didn’t understand it well. Does both moby-engine and docker have the same command line interface and work in a same way?

Also thanks for another reply on podman. I will try to do some research online on what suits my needs the best.

Thank you all

Do you know of a good comparison between docker and podman? Such as if it’s a drop-in replacement? What are the differences?

I keep hearing podman mentioned, particularly from Dan Walsh, so I’d like to learn about it at some point. Though for those who just need to get started using docker this extra layer of the unknown can be a barrier.

Yes, docker, docker-ce, moby-engine all install the docker command/daemon/etc. It’s exactly the same thing that gets installed. Which is confusing! The difference is in the version.

Check dnf info docker moby-engine to see the package version or github repo/url, and see the commit dates, etc.

I was initially using docker-ce to be using the industry standard, but got frustrated when I updated fedora and it took the docker people forever to release a stable version for the latest fedora version.

moby-engine is exactly the same thing but available in the fedora repo, maintained regularly, and lags only slightly behind in the latest docker-ce version. The docker package seems almost abandoned. The bonus is not needing to use yet another third party repo.

I hope this makes it clear, and just ask if something is unclear. It took me a while to clarify this for myself!

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Now it is much clearer. Thank you.

This topic turned out to be much more confusing than I thought. Maybe this could be better documented in official Fedora blogs. I’m computer science student and have been using Fedora for a year. I find it excellent for my needs and every time I didn’t know how to do something, I’ve found it online, except for this, when I had to ask directly :smiley:

I installed moby-engine by the way and works great.

Will try podman too, to see its pros. :smiley:

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Glad it helped. Yes, the names and contents of these packages is quite confusing.

podman does seem cool especially since apparently it is identical to docker in usage after alias docker=podman.

I’m currently watching this talk by Dan Walsh of RedHat, and it might motivate me to give it a try: - Replacing Docker with Podman

One difference that is mention is that the container installation location differs between docker and podman, and since I use a non-standard location, I’ll have to consider the implications.


I’ll take a look at that talk, since I haven’t had any prior experience with containers.

I link this portal: Docker — Fedora Developer Portal