Touchpad not fully disabling when typing

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I recently installed Fedora and so far everything is working good. Except a major issue with my touchpad.

Despite settings having “Touchpad Disabled while Typing” enabled, if I type and his the touchpad at the same time, the cursor still moves and is able to select things. So if I am typing it is possible for my thumb to hit the touchpad, move the cursor, and select a different part of the screen which results in me typing their instead.

I can’t figure out how to fix this. Well at least in the default Gnome version. I had this previous issue in Linux Mint and upon entering in the Gnome xorg environment I could simply enter this into the terminal (explained here in Option 3):

syndaemon -i 0.8 -K -t -d

And the touchpad will be fixed. Unfortunately I cannot do this in default Gnome.

Any help would be great.

Does this command work?

gsettings set 'org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad' 'disable-while-typing' 'false'

Alternatively, if you force GNOME to Xorg, that syndaemon command I’d imagine should work fine, but you might need the Xorg Synaptics driver installed (something like xorg-drv-input-synaptics).

Unfortunately that command doesn’t work.

I’m sure I can launch Fedora in XOrg mode and do it, but XOrg mode doesn’t play the nicest with my computer.