Disable touchpad while typing - for longer

Using Silverblue (F38) on a Thinkpad Z16, I have set the touchpad to be disabled while typing. I can confirm that it does actually work, but nevertheless I am still plagued by seemingly random selections and deletions of text I’m typing. My only guess is that the touchpad is re-enabled very quickly when typing stops, and this is long enough to brush against it and cause mayhem if I momentarily pause for thought when typing a long passage.
So, is there a way to configure the time for which it is disabled?

Gnome tweaks don’t offer time config for this.

There’s top row of keys on Thinkpad Z16, function keys (F1,F2-Fn) with some pictures on top. This image is blurry so I can’t see on which one is picture with finger on rectangle (or if it exists):


If You find it try to pres that key. Maybe, you’ll have to press Fn+that key if F keys are primary function. This way it’s disabled until You press it again to re-enable.


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Method 1

Thanks for replying.
Unfortunately I don’t have any specific control for disabling the touchpad on this laptop; I suspect that this solution wouldn’t be ideal anyway.
This was one area where MacOS was very good, and this particular problem never occurred, but I’d rather not switch back at present.

My mother has a piece of cardboard that fits touchpad. When she wants to type unhampered, she just puts it on touchpad. :slight_smile:

An interesting solution. I might have to try something similar.